Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mom Rules for Meals...It's OK....I'm a Professional

As a mom of 4 kids from 2 to 11 I have been around the block a while and while cleaning up after lunch today I thought to myself, "I feel bad for all those new moms out there that haven't come to terms with the true side of meals. SO....I've decided to write up some rules for those moms out there that are new or having questions about what is acceptable when it comes to meal time. First let me say that I once was like you! I kept a clean house, I made my own and my kids beds every morning, I slaved in the kitchen each meal time making cute little bear shaped sandwhiches and ants on a log. I know the deal. It's that 'perfect' mom syndrome that so many of us suffer from. But then one day I suddenly had 4 obnoxious, rude, and simply ADORABLE children and my eyes were open...WIDE!!!

I may not be able to cure all of your affliction in one blog but we can start with baby steps. Let take meals first. Here is a small list of acceptable things to do when feeding your kiddos....

1) When eating spaghetti, its is perfectly ok to have naked children! I prefer underwear but that's a personal choice.
2) Popcorn IS a vegetable....so is ketchup ;)
3) Host a cereal night at least once a week. Add a piece of toast and some OJ and you have a nutricious meal. Don't you watch the commercials?
4) Using a broom to clean off the table works great and is such a time saver! I've even been known to put the vacuum up there from time to time.
5) Invest in cloth placemats...that way you can just toss them in the washer after dinner
6) To keep kids quiet at dinner time put in a new movie they've never seen before
7) Dispite what you may have heard...children CAN survive on frozen pancakes! I know this one for a fact :)
8) If you don't already know the benefits of dog ownership I suggest you discover it because dogs can not only lick up any spills but love to lick sticky popsicle drips off children
9) If you were too horney to use protection and now have a bunch of monsters, like me, try feeding them from a trough. It looks funny but it cuts down on dishes.
10) Some times birthday cake for dinner...is just more fun!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Help share the Love of the Piggy...One Year Anniversary Referal Contest...Win a $30 gift certificate!!!

Piggy Tails Boutique is Celebrating one year of putting Piggy's on little heads!! WOOOWHOOOO!!! How exciting. :)
In honor of our One Year Anniversary I am asking all my fans, customers, and friends to help share the love of Piggies by having a referal contest. I am giving away a $30 gift certificate to the one who refers the most friends, fans and customers. You have lots of ways to enter.
You get one entry for each of the following:
1) First, if you don't already...follow my blog
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You will get one entry for EVERY friend you refer!! You also get an entry for every thing they join....blog, twitter, facebook, etsy, purchase! That's right .... YOU get and entry and THEY get an entry!
They MUST tell me who refered them!!
Don't forget to come back and leave a seperate comment for EACH entry!!
Let's see if we can get to a 100 followers to Piggy Tails Boutique Blog!!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Limited Time...FREE SHIPPING!!

That's right, for a limited time Piggy Tails Boutique is offering FREE shipping on all orders over $20 when shipped anywhere in the US. If you live outside the US...don't be shy! Check me out...I offer low shipping costs all over the world. :)

(your shipping costs will be reimbursed back to your paypal after payment has been made)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

New Princess Bow Holders...Organize all those Bows!!

Ohh I am just in love with my new Princess Bow Holders!!

Do you have a little princess at home? If you do, I'm sure you have as many hair bows as you do outfits. Well now you can keep all those hair bows organized and in one spot in style!

Gorgeous pink princess crowns and bows make them irrisistable! Each one has extra long, double layered tails to hold lots of bows and comes with a matching no slip hair bow.

Check out my shop to order or see all the many other bow holders I have!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

There are times in a mom's life that she just beams with pride over something her child has done and for me this is one of those times! Last school year my middle son, Coby's school did a book fair to get new books for the library. They do this every year with Scholastic, but this year a seed was planted in Coby's brain. I grew up with a mother that encouraged me to be creative and I have passed that tradition on to my children. We have always had a 'craft' drawer or container with pom poms, pipe cleaners, construction paper, beads, and any thing else we find a good bargin on at the craft store. So it was no surprise to me when Coby asked if he could start making his own crafts with me when I made my hairbows.

At first it was just something we did together, he created oddities and I placed them here and there around the house but then one day he comes to show me his book mark he made. It was so adorable! He got his favorite book and put it inside to show off how great it works. I could almost see his brain storming as he grinned from ear to ear. "Mom, what if I made my bookmarks and sold them to people that need to mark their place?" "What a wonderful idea!" I told him, "What are you going to do with the money you make?" He thought for a bit and then said, "I could buy new books for my school library!" I am far from a perfect mom but somewhere I did something right with this kid and I couldn't have been more proud at that moment of myself...uh, I mean, him.
We sat down together and started a plan, who were we going to ask to buy them, how much should we sell them for, and what supplies did he need. Then he gave himself a goal of at least 10 new books for his school library. It was time to get started! He started out by making Flower Marks then he created Monster Marks, his best selling marks so far! We began by selling them to friends and family then I listed them in my online shop and before we knew it he had sold over $15 dollars worth of bookmarks. Friends started to share Coby Marks with their own friends on blogs and Facebook and then he had over $25. Even my customers started surprising me when they started adding them to their own orders. He was so excited and it’s been a great learning experience for him. I know by the end of the summer break he will defiantly have met his goal. Thanks to everyone who has supported Coby by buying his marks and sharing them with friends and neighbors.
Here’s what Coby has to say about his craft:
Hi, my name is Coby and I am 8 years old. I am in the 3rd grade. I love to make crafts like my mom. I love to read. I want to get my school some new books for the library. I came up with the idea to make book marks and sell them on my mom's shop to raise money to buy new books. I make all my book marks myself but my mom lets me use her stuff. Please buy a book mark from me. They are good for your Bible or a gift. Buy a bunch! I can make any color you want, just tell me. Thank you. NOTE from Mom: Please remember, my son makes each of his bookmarks himself with little to no help from me so that means each of your bookmarks may have small imperfections and differences which makes each one unique! There may be some glue showing or odd lengths to your ribbon, but it will still be long enough to use as a bookmark. I think these imperfections just make your one of a kind bookmark all that more special!! :)

If you would like to check out Coby’s Marks and order some of your own please visit www.piggytailsboutique.etsy.com and click on Coby’s Creations and place your order. Together we can not only help Coby with his goal but help a local public school get brand new books for their library! Get ready Mrs. Stewart, your going to be busy picking out new books this year!