Sunday, July 19, 2009

There are times in a mom's life that she just beams with pride over something her child has done and for me this is one of those times! Last school year my middle son, Coby's school did a book fair to get new books for the library. They do this every year with Scholastic, but this year a seed was planted in Coby's brain. I grew up with a mother that encouraged me to be creative and I have passed that tradition on to my children. We have always had a 'craft' drawer or container with pom poms, pipe cleaners, construction paper, beads, and any thing else we find a good bargin on at the craft store. So it was no surprise to me when Coby asked if he could start making his own crafts with me when I made my hairbows.

At first it was just something we did together, he created oddities and I placed them here and there around the house but then one day he comes to show me his book mark he made. It was so adorable! He got his favorite book and put it inside to show off how great it works. I could almost see his brain storming as he grinned from ear to ear. "Mom, what if I made my bookmarks and sold them to people that need to mark their place?" "What a wonderful idea!" I told him, "What are you going to do with the money you make?" He thought for a bit and then said, "I could buy new books for my school library!" I am far from a perfect mom but somewhere I did something right with this kid and I couldn't have been more proud at that moment of myself...uh, I mean, him.
We sat down together and started a plan, who were we going to ask to buy them, how much should we sell them for, and what supplies did he need. Then he gave himself a goal of at least 10 new books for his school library. It was time to get started! He started out by making Flower Marks then he created Monster Marks, his best selling marks so far! We began by selling them to friends and family then I listed them in my online shop and before we knew it he had sold over $15 dollars worth of bookmarks. Friends started to share Coby Marks with their own friends on blogs and Facebook and then he had over $25. Even my customers started surprising me when they started adding them to their own orders. He was so excited and it’s been a great learning experience for him. I know by the end of the summer break he will defiantly have met his goal. Thanks to everyone who has supported Coby by buying his marks and sharing them with friends and neighbors.
Here’s what Coby has to say about his craft:
Hi, my name is Coby and I am 8 years old. I am in the 3rd grade. I love to make crafts like my mom. I love to read. I want to get my school some new books for the library. I came up with the idea to make book marks and sell them on my mom's shop to raise money to buy new books. I make all my book marks myself but my mom lets me use her stuff. Please buy a book mark from me. They are good for your Bible or a gift. Buy a bunch! I can make any color you want, just tell me. Thank you. NOTE from Mom: Please remember, my son makes each of his bookmarks himself with little to no help from me so that means each of your bookmarks may have small imperfections and differences which makes each one unique! There may be some glue showing or odd lengths to your ribbon, but it will still be long enough to use as a bookmark. I think these imperfections just make your one of a kind bookmark all that more special!! :)

If you would like to check out Coby’s Marks and order some of your own please visit and click on Coby’s Creations and place your order. Together we can not only help Coby with his goal but help a local public school get brand new books for their library! Get ready Mrs. Stewart, your going to be busy picking out new books this year!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Don't let your muffin show!

I just found out about an awesome product call Hip-T and you have got to check this out!! It goes around your middle and covers all those 'areas' that need a little extra help. After 4 kids my tummy isn't quite what it used to be so I am very excited about this product. You can win one too by visiting

Monday, July 13, 2009

DIY Potty Pants .... Yes I said Potty Pants :)

Well, my little princess has started potty training! Woohooo!! Tylie isn't quite 2 yet but she has been showing signs that she is ready to start training. She's been telling me when she needs a change and has even stopped, looked up at me and said, "I peein mommy" so I thought it was time to get started.

First we had to get her a potty so off to Target we went and Tylie picked out the Pink Princess Potty. It is so stinking cute! The best part it was only $22 which I love and when your princess pees it plays royal music. I think that is going to really help Tylie train since she will know right when she pees.

Then we had to get training pants and it you know anything about me you know that I am addicted to cute things so why not potty pants?
We started out with just the basic 3 pack of training pants from Target but then I got to looking online and found some super cute booties strutting posh pants and my Miss Tylie HAD to have some!

I'm a stay at home mom of 4 little monsters whos husband is an assitant principal at our local highschool so as you can imagine money isn't growing on our trees out back so I have to be frugal when it comes to Tylie's fashions. I was wondering around the Hobby Lobby checking out all the clearance junk they have I can play with and came across some iron on transfers for just a few cents! So I had a brainstorm..."why not put those on her britches?" And so home with me they came.

If you want to make your little one some cute potty pants, I can tell you that these turned out really cute but I learned some things along the way so learn from my mistakes so your potty pants will be perfect!

First, you need to wash your underwear before you iron on your transfers. The transfer directions told me this and I am glad I did because they shrink up a bit and would cause your transfers to be wrinkled and we don't want wrinkly booties.

Make sure you have an ironing board or other hard surface to work on. I have had my ironing board since the early 90's so as you can see my print is a bit drab but who really sees it anyways but you...that is until you decide to blog about iroining on potty pants.

Ok, let me explain this so you will understand...MAKE SURE your iron is not too hot! I learned the hard way and didn't realize my iron was on the 'hell fire' setting and accidentally burned 2 of my transfers. The sad part about this was I was using the cute printed pants first, like an idiot, and ruined those. They are still cute but the transfer didn't go on right and so some of the design is missing :( Now, if I actually ironed my clothes I might know what is too high and what isn't, but since I believe wrinkles are a fashion statement, I had to figure it out the hard way.

Now, with my iron on a lower setting I get back to work....make sure your transfer is even and if you need to you can trim so of the excess paper away to make it easier to see. This transfer just made me giggle cause a Chinese food take out box with Miso Cute above it was just too irrisistable! Don't forget to read the directions and follow them so you don't screw up. Your little one won't be cute if you have a burnt iron mark instead of a cute cupcake.

So then I got creative and mixed a couple together. The glitzy 'perfect' really popped out with some glittery rose buds. And I have to say, my little princess just is TOO PERFECT wearing these cutie patootie potty pants don't you? I love that little hiney climbing in to bed, makes me just want to pinch those cheekies.

How cute is that? Ahh, I love it! Ok, admit it, she is too cute for words! ;)

So there you go, Tylie is all set to jump on the potty train and get busy in style! Here are the finished products.
What do you think? I would love to see pictures of the potty pants you make for your little monster so if you make some, don't forget to share! You know what I love most about crafting? They don't have to be perfect as long as they are perfect for me!

Now, if you don't want to make your own cute pants then here are some REALLY adorable alternatives I found in some super cute Etsy shops! Are these not the cutest???
These cute floral embroidered britches come from a great little shop on etsy:
She has many other sweet designs so go check them out and if you like them, add her to your favs!

These all-in-one pants are cute too! QTBunns makes lots of adroable training pants for both girls and boys and I love the idea of not having to top off your cute potty pants with a plastic cover

And for the cute are these little monster tighties? hehe These are all organic bamboo pants and the print is, are you ready for this....OOGA BOOGA! Now if that doesn't scream cute? I don't know what does!!
These come from

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Our Fun Filled Trip to Florida!

This year we finally had our budget set up to take a real vacation with ALL of us, as a family for the first time ever! Me and the kids have traveled to see family but never all 6 of us so this was a very exciting trip for us. I have family in Florida so we were going to stay with them and since they live just 10 minutes from the beach, we knew we would spend a LOT of time there and my aunts family owns a local orange grove which makes for a fun 'field trip' and who doesn't love a HUGE bag of free oranges?? So we were all set to take our trip and everyone was really getting excited!
Then 2 weeks ago I'm upstairs making hair bows and my oldest son comes in and proclaims as calm as can be, "Mom, I broke my tooth." I look up and say, "Oh no!" and then it hits me like a ton of bricks... THOSE ARE HIS PERMANENT TEETH!!!!!! And I TOTALLY freaked out! Then our neighbor walks in with one of Tony's teeth in his hand and tells me this was the only piece they could find.
Of course this all happens at 5:03pm so our dentist is closed the pediatritian is closed and because there is no blood or cuts we don't need to go to the ER so I am stuck. What do you do? We looked up online what you should do with a broken tooth and followed those directions by rinsing the tooth and putting it in a ziplock. Then I let my Facebook friends know I will be camping outside the dentist office in the morning and since 3 of my FB friends work there, they would be prepared for me. :)
So the story goes like this....Tony was playing at the neighbors house in the garage with Collin when the two of them thought it would be fun to fling each other around on the Heelies. Well, when you consider that my son, who is almost 11, weighs only 40 pounds and Collin, who is also almost 11, weighs roughly 70 pounds, you can imagine the distance that Tony flew!! Here's another picture in case you want to see it upclose and personal...(Ouch!) You know that had to hurt?
Ok, so now I'm waiting for 8am to call the dentist, which of course they tell me to come in imediatly, and you won't believe the damage he did to his mouth! It's rediculous, he broke off over 2/3rds of the one tooth and litterally shattered the corner of the other. In fact, he had tiny bits of tooth on his lips when he showed it to me. But he didn't just shatter that one, he jammed it so far up his head that they are no longer even!!! The dentist was able to adhear the piece of tooth that broke off and then add the corner to the other and they look pretty good. Over time the one should come down and be more even with the other but it may take a while.
Well, there you go! Hundreds of dollars later our first ever family vacation is sitting right there in my son's beautiful smile!! :) He was so funny when we left the dentist because they told him he couldn't eat for one hour but because he had an exposed nerve he hadn't eaten since his afternoon snack so when we get in the car the first thing he said was, "MOM, I'M STARVING!" LOL That's a boy for ya! :)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Want to win a Piggy Tails Tutu and Matching Hair Bow?

I'm giving away a beautiful pink tutu with black polka dots in honor of my new online store! is finally up and running and if I do say so myself, A-dorable!! You know me, I LOVE things to be cute so of course my website is no different. I'd love for you to take a look around and let me know what you think. :)
Can I just say, I have 2 of the most adorable kiddos on the planet!!

If you want to be entered into the drawing to win my signature tutu with yards and yards of soft baby pink tulle and accented with black pom pom polka dots and of course it's all tied up with a big black and pink polka dot bow! Oh, and don't forget the matching hair bow. Your little girl will be SO cute in her Piggy Tails Tutu!! Go to and enter to win. Don't forget to check out her other great contests while your there.

Ahhh...Look at that cutie patootie!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Tweet Tweet...I'm a Twitter girl now!

Ok, so a little late than never. I have finally jumped on the Twitter wagon and signed up today. I wanted to find a super cute Twitter button for my blog but was finding no so cute ones untill....
this site has the cutest and most unique buttons I have found and I have to say my dead tweet is just plain cute! Go find yourself your own Twitter button and add it to your blog but don't forget to leave a comment and share it with me! :)

Who wouldn't want a BEAUTIFUL rain coat for their kiddos??

Oh my goodness, you totally have to check out these coats! Beautiful is just not the word. I can just see my little Tylie wearing one of these and swinging around in the rain. :)
Go to to check it out and see how to enter!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Super Slip and Slide

SLIP and SLIDE Anyone?

Well in honor of the 4th my husband set up the HUGE slip and slide down the hill in our backyard. It's the perfect hill for 'safe' sliding. It was just shy of 100 feet and when we squirt a little baby shampoo on the plastic, you can race each other to the bottom. As you can see the kids had a great time!

You can easily make one of these giant slides yourself! I'ts just a roll of painters plastic, extra duty. Just make sure you have a nice hill that's not too steep or you may end up with a cast instead of smiles :)

My youngest son, Puddy was a bit scared to try out the slide but he splashed around in the puddle that formed at the bottom. What's cuter than that? He's such a nut. He makes me laugh so hard sometimes.

Tylie had a blast playing on the slide too! Gramma was there splashing with her. After a while the bubbles really started to add up in the puddle, which we dubbed 'The Pool'. Tylie and Coby liked blowing them.

I just love when the kids
play so well together.

Look at our bubbles Mamma! Tylie is such a lucky little girl to have 3 wonderful brothers that take such good care of her.

And of course it didn't take long for Porter to get in on the bubble fun too! LOL

Look it's Santa Claws! hehe

He had us cracking up! He kept sticking his face in the bubbles and then running around after the kids.
Well, our day was a ton of fun! And I ended up with 4 sleepy kids and a tuckered out Porter. And I'm sure our neighbor was appreciative to have a tired kid herself. :)

Friday, July 3, 2009

Blogging...who said it was easy??

Ok, so I am really clueless when it comes to all this blogging stuff. Well, the blogging it's self is easy but getting my page to be as cute as everyone elses...not so much! But I am determined today to figure it all out and have a cute pink and black polka dot blog by the end of the day if it kills me. I have to get to the post office to mail some bows and tutus, buy some groceries, and drop off new bows to my local shops that carry Piggy Tails and then somewhere in there get this blog done. And between it all, my grandmother is very ill and not expected to make it through the weekend. So my mind is just not in it. But I'm hoping to stay busy and keep my mind busy because it seems to help. Check back to see what I've done and feel free to leave any helpful tips, sites, or information for me :)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

We now have a NEW online shop!

I am SO excited to announce that Piggy Tails Boutique now has a website! Now you can 'Stay in your Pj's' and shop online even if it's 2 in the morning! Come check us out....
and don't forget to tell your friends!