Sunday, July 12, 2009

Our Fun Filled Trip to Florida!

This year we finally had our budget set up to take a real vacation with ALL of us, as a family for the first time ever! Me and the kids have traveled to see family but never all 6 of us so this was a very exciting trip for us. I have family in Florida so we were going to stay with them and since they live just 10 minutes from the beach, we knew we would spend a LOT of time there and my aunts family owns a local orange grove which makes for a fun 'field trip' and who doesn't love a HUGE bag of free oranges?? So we were all set to take our trip and everyone was really getting excited!
Then 2 weeks ago I'm upstairs making hair bows and my oldest son comes in and proclaims as calm as can be, "Mom, I broke my tooth." I look up and say, "Oh no!" and then it hits me like a ton of bricks... THOSE ARE HIS PERMANENT TEETH!!!!!! And I TOTALLY freaked out! Then our neighbor walks in with one of Tony's teeth in his hand and tells me this was the only piece they could find.
Of course this all happens at 5:03pm so our dentist is closed the pediatritian is closed and because there is no blood or cuts we don't need to go to the ER so I am stuck. What do you do? We looked up online what you should do with a broken tooth and followed those directions by rinsing the tooth and putting it in a ziplock. Then I let my Facebook friends know I will be camping outside the dentist office in the morning and since 3 of my FB friends work there, they would be prepared for me. :)
So the story goes like this....Tony was playing at the neighbors house in the garage with Collin when the two of them thought it would be fun to fling each other around on the Heelies. Well, when you consider that my son, who is almost 11, weighs only 40 pounds and Collin, who is also almost 11, weighs roughly 70 pounds, you can imagine the distance that Tony flew!! Here's another picture in case you want to see it upclose and personal...(Ouch!) You know that had to hurt?
Ok, so now I'm waiting for 8am to call the dentist, which of course they tell me to come in imediatly, and you won't believe the damage he did to his mouth! It's rediculous, he broke off over 2/3rds of the one tooth and litterally shattered the corner of the other. In fact, he had tiny bits of tooth on his lips when he showed it to me. But he didn't just shatter that one, he jammed it so far up his head that they are no longer even!!! The dentist was able to adhear the piece of tooth that broke off and then add the corner to the other and they look pretty good. Over time the one should come down and be more even with the other but it may take a while.
Well, there you go! Hundreds of dollars later our first ever family vacation is sitting right there in my son's beautiful smile!! :) He was so funny when we left the dentist because they told him he couldn't eat for one hour but because he had an exposed nerve he hadn't eaten since his afternoon snack so when we get in the car the first thing he said was, "MOM, I'M STARVING!" LOL That's a boy for ya! :)


Karen said...

That is so horrible! I'm sorry you didn't get to go on vacation. I didn't get to take many vacations when my kids were growing up. On one,when Becca was 4, we got to the motel, she walked into the room and walked into the corner of the dresser, and had a black eye all week. The next one, we went to Amelia Island. The first night there, we ordered pizza. Emily was cutting a piece of it, and Becca asked for the knife. Emily handed it to her blade first, then jerked it away for some reason--Becca's two fingers were cut to the bone and I am driving around looking for an emergency room. SheesH! I don't think we ever took another vacation together after that.

Welcome to Piggy Tails! said...

Sounds like your vacations were cursed LOL And why was it always Becca that was getting hurt? hmmmm... :p