Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mom Rules for Meals...It's OK....I'm a Professional

As a mom of 4 kids from 2 to 11 I have been around the block a while and while cleaning up after lunch today I thought to myself, "I feel bad for all those new moms out there that haven't come to terms with the true side of meals. SO....I've decided to write up some rules for those moms out there that are new or having questions about what is acceptable when it comes to meal time. First let me say that I once was like you! I kept a clean house, I made my own and my kids beds every morning, I slaved in the kitchen each meal time making cute little bear shaped sandwhiches and ants on a log. I know the deal. It's that 'perfect' mom syndrome that so many of us suffer from. But then one day I suddenly had 4 obnoxious, rude, and simply ADORABLE children and my eyes were open...WIDE!!!

I may not be able to cure all of your affliction in one blog but we can start with baby steps. Let take meals first. Here is a small list of acceptable things to do when feeding your kiddos....

1) When eating spaghetti, its is perfectly ok to have naked children! I prefer underwear but that's a personal choice.
2) Popcorn IS a vegetable....so is ketchup ;)
3) Host a cereal night at least once a week. Add a piece of toast and some OJ and you have a nutricious meal. Don't you watch the commercials?
4) Using a broom to clean off the table works great and is such a time saver! I've even been known to put the vacuum up there from time to time.
5) Invest in cloth placemats...that way you can just toss them in the washer after dinner
6) To keep kids quiet at dinner time put in a new movie they've never seen before
7) Dispite what you may have heard...children CAN survive on frozen pancakes! I know this one for a fact :)
8) If you don't already know the benefits of dog ownership I suggest you discover it because dogs can not only lick up any spills but love to lick sticky popsicle drips off children
9) If you were too horney to use protection and now have a bunch of monsters, like me, try feeding them from a trough. It looks funny but it cuts down on dishes.
10) Some times birthday cake for dinner...is just more fun!

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Karen said...

Girl, you are too funny! I used to have a "make your own dinner Friday" when my kids were growing up. If it was in my kitchen,they could have it as long as they made it themselves and they cleaned up after. I see no problem with having chocolate pudding for dinner one night a week.

We used to get a birthday cake from a bakery twice a year, and have an "UN-birthday party" at our house. It was just me and the kids, and we loved it. It was a good excuse to have a bithday cake when it was no one's birthday.